[Suspended] Research visits for Ukrainian scholars at IBL PAN

The offer has been suspended.

We invite Ukrainian researchers interested in visiting the Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences (IBL PAN) to apply for a stay through the International Relation Department of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

IBL PAN’s departments are situated in Warsaw, Poznań and Toruń.

General conditions:

a) expenses related to travel and stay of the Ukrainian scientists in the units of the PAS will be covered by the PAS;

b) duration of the stay in the units of the PAS up to 3 months with possibility of extension, if necessary.

See more details about the funding.

Apply to collaborate with us in the following areas

(This is not a closed list and we invite other scholars whose interests are within the humanities domain to contact us):

  1. Literary studies and cultural studies:

literary theory, cultural analysis, philological research, Holocaust studies, gender studies, lexicographical research, 

  1. Digital humanities:

computational approaches to literature, including text and data mining, computational analysis, or sociological approaches to literary data (network analysis);

  1. Digital scholarly editions and monographs: 

we invite literary scholars to prepare a scholarly edition or monograph using our infrastructure; 

  1. Bibliographical studies, metadata in the humanities and cultural heritage

bibliography compiling; cataloging; metadata curation and research in the humanities and cultural heritage; metadata-based computational research; data processing, analysis, engineering;

  1. Digital and Media History of the Cold War:  

dissident communication networks, cultural transfer across the Iron Curtain, international broadcasting, Cold War media history and archeology;

  1. Scholarly communication: 

innovative forms, genres, and services; evaluation challenges, business models;

  1. Meta-research in digital humanities: 

analysis of how contemporary research practices change thanks to digital technologies.

If you would like to suggest collaboration in other areas, please do not hesitate to get in touch.


The Institute is a nationally leading institution in research on Polish literature and culture, past and present, including highly specialised philological and lexicographic research. It is also a leading national centre for documentation and bibliography of Polish literature and its scholarly editions.

In recent years, the Institute has developed strong, often multidisciplinary teams in innovative research areas like gender studies, memory and Holocaust studies and studies on communism. It is also an early adopter of digital methods in the humanities with a vibrant, internationally active Digital Humanities Centre.

For scholars interested in digital humanities:


Digital Humanities Centre at IBL PAN was founded in 2013 to lead and coordinate the implementation of the Digital Humanities approach to all research areas pursued in IBL PAN.

Current international projects: TRIPLE, OBERRED, NEP4DISSENT

International cooperation: We cooperate with major digital humanities infrastructures like DARIAH, CLARIN and OPERAS. 

We coordinate international DH working groups: ALLEA E-humanities Working Group, Bibliographical Data DARIAH-ERIC WG, Research Data Management DARIAH-Eric Working Group

Digital Research infrastructures that could be used to support fellows’ research projects:

If you are interested in applying for the fellowship at IBL PAN, please get in touch with Dr Kajetan Mojsak (IBL PAN): kajetan.mojsak@ibl.waw.pl